Topps Launches Garbage Pail Kids Empty-V Awards Online Set


Cory: I'm voting for seymourbarf/DTAB for president/VP Apr 28, 2020 17:19:24 GMT -5
seymourbarf: A vote for seymour is a vote for barf! Apr 27, 2020 21:54:52 GMT -5
Steve: I am voting for seymourbarf. And that is exactly how I am going to write it on the ballot. Apr 27, 2020 21:21:30 GMT -5
seymourbarf: I'm writing him in on my primary ballot Apr 23, 2020 9:51:51 GMT -5
Jimbo: I'd vote for him. Apr 21, 2020 11:21:29 GMT -5
Nocturnus: DTAB For President Apr 19, 2020 10:19:27 GMT -5
rascal420: any one have a 14th series unopened box they would be willing to sell? Apr 18, 2020 1:45:50 GMT -5
ANSestren: Other stuff sounds interesting. Cant wait to see what you got for sale. My pockets are ready. Apr 16, 2020 19:32:44 GMT -5 *
fowlraoul: best i can do is 100 bucks off or so. im flexible, but i know pound hasnt updated prices in a while and his worst ans pieces are 2200. this is cream of the series and a reasonable price imo. gunna post him and some other stuff for sale here and fb soon. Apr 16, 2020 14:40:07 GMT -5
fowlraoul: i dont need ramen that bad :D hit me up any time, you know what i have ;) Apr 16, 2020 14:18:56 GMT -5
ANSestren: You know you could use $2000 ramen fund. Apr 16, 2020 13:39:19 GMT -5
RetroFixes: Messy Tessie BACKS Apr 14, 2020 19:48:29 GMT -5
RetroFixes: Who wants a Series 2 GPK set? Nr-Mint I'm purging some of my collection. Apr 14, 2020 19:46:47 GMT -5
fowlraoul: i have a couple pieces from ANS, ANSestren. can't drop my prices, but you know where to send the ramen funds if you are ever interested. ;) Apr 12, 2020 19:22:06 GMT -5
Trippy: Cash is king. dollarhe0 Apr 8, 2020 11:47:37 GMT -5
ANSestren: Ok so who's now unemployed due to the virus and owns ANS final art? Am here to help you alleviate your income woes! Apr 2, 2020 12:22:13 GMT -5
garyx5x: Anyone have any OS1 cards they are looking to sell? Bad condition is fine. Apr 1, 2020 22:43:01 GMT -5
UKM: I feel you. I have never collected any of those new series. OS rock :D Mar 27, 2020 14:48:25 GMT -5
ANSestren: I certainly wont buy any of the newer garbage. I rather donate my money than buy shitty art. Mar 26, 2020 20:35:23 GMT -5
ANSestren: Not yet. Hopefully soon. Am very picky. Mar 26, 2020 20:34:15 GMT -5