The UG's Holy s**tter of the Week


garyx5x: Will our old login work on the new site? Or do I have to make a new account? Oct 28, 2020 18:00:13 GMT -5
seymourbarf: Oct 24, 2020 14:11:39 GMT -5
seymourbarf: He is on the new site Oct 24, 2020 14:11:21 GMT -5
slyknezz: Just wanted to say hello people. Looking for the member GPK Gem Mint.... Where are you? When I did a search I didn't see that profile. Oct 22, 2020 5:56:00 GMT -5
Dxtc0187: Of you’re looking for the Promo Card it’s over on Oct 21, 2020 15:35:00 GMT -5
Dxtc0187: No f**cker it’s War Games damn it barf! Quit watching shows about burgers dads and horror flicks! f**k! Oct 15, 2020 12:14:52 GMT -5
seymourbarf: God I wish I were Drew Barrymore Oct 14, 2020 20:09:09 GMT -5
seymourbarf: Does that make me Drew Barrymore? Oct 14, 2020 20:08:55 GMT -5
seymourbarf: Is this Scream? Oct 14, 2020 20:08:41 GMT -5
Dxtc0187: Hello Robert...Would you like to play a game Y or N? Oct 14, 2020 19:20:56 GMT -5
Dxtc0187: We will now build something that’s spectacular. Any stragglers please go to GPKUG.COM our new mecca. Oct 7, 2020 15:58:05 GMT -5
Dxtc0187: As we venture beyond these sacred walls to build the next great wonder of the GPK world all you had part in this historic living creation should hold there head up proudly. We did something as a group that’s incredible. Oct 7, 2020 15:56:45 GMT -5
Dxtc0187: So I’ll tirn the lights out here... for 15 years this was our home. We battled Topps...We battled our enemies...We battled our friends...To protect what this Mecca meant to us. In the end we were family. Above all else one glue held us together GPK. Oct 7, 2020 15:53:48 GMT -5
Trippy: Feck off Facebook Oct 5, 2020 0:09:18 GMT -5
Dxtc0187: Fight for your right to say f**k Facebook! Oct 4, 2020 13:28:52 GMT -5
Cory: New UG is live. Oct 4, 2020 12:24:43 GMT -5
Dxtc0187: GPKUG 2.0 mutha f**kas!!!! Tomorrow son! The revolution begins! To quote the great Iron Shiek mutha f**k the facebook! We make it humble! Break it’s back! f**k it’s ass! Ug number! Oct 3, 2020 23:56:56 GMT -5
Cory: Boom goes the Dyna Mike Oct 3, 2020 21:04:57 GMT -5
Dxtc0187: f**k Facebook just wait... Oct 3, 2020 17:11:56 GMT -5
creamedkeith: I'm surprised it's not bumpin'...just seeing what's going on on FB. GPKs really heated up lately Oct 1, 2020 7:35:43 GMT -5