My Ultra Rare Madballs Minis for Common GPK Minikins


G.I. JASON: on a nba playoff sunday Apr 14, 2019 18:11:50 GMT -5
G.I. JASON: howdy guys/gals Apr 14, 2019 18:11:45 GMT -5
G.I. JASON: whats shaking mr liquid Apr 13, 2019 21:02:45 GMT -5
G.I. JASON: well hello there Apr 13, 2019 21:02:40 GMT -5
liquidfox: These Nutz Jason! Apr 13, 2019 19:51:31 GMT -5
Trippy: 🍀 8-|💨 Apr 12, 2019 10:23:45 GMT -5
G.I. JASON: High kids Apr 11, 2019 20:13:00 GMT -5
G.I. JASON: Hi kids Apr 11, 2019 20:12:56 GMT -5
cool90kid: hey Apr 11, 2019 17:46:27 GMT -5
G.I. JASON: howdy garbage gang Apr 10, 2019 21:45:13 GMT -5
TheWatcher: Will do! Apr 9, 2019 23:00:43 GMT -5
TheWatcher: haha...I hear ya. Well, man, I am going to bounce. Need to shower before it gets any later! Thanks for the message and I will be in touch with your extortion money. Apr 9, 2019 22:58:58 GMT -5
TheWatcher: No, no WB He-man for me. I'm happy having money instead, lol. Apr 9, 2019 22:51:29 GMT -5
TheWatcher: I like weird lines so that's what I collect now. More robot, monster, and fantasy based lines. Apr 9, 2019 22:47:17 GMT -5
TheWatcher: oh, you're going to hate me, lol. I sold off my WB He-man, all my vintage Motu collection and my Vintage Star Wars collection. I just got burnt out on managing it all. I kept a lot of my Robot and Fantasy lines though. Apr 9, 2019 22:45:35 GMT -5
TheWatcher: I'll be happy to just hit 60 ish, haha! Apr 9, 2019 22:42:50 GMT -5
TheWatcher: Agreed! Luckily the other colors are a little more UV resistant. Otherwise, they'd all be gone. My wife takes all my energy. I don't need the toy collection sucking out the last bit of happiness I have left, lol. Apr 9, 2019 22:42:19 GMT -5
TheWatcher: Yeah it's all good. He lived a good long life. He was 89 when he went. Apr 9, 2019 22:37:41 GMT -5
TheWatcher: I actually hate how Neon Yellows degrade so that was a big reason why I sold them all. I keep them out of the light, but heat also degrades the neon. I didn't need that stress so I sold them seeing as Cali is so hot in the Summer.. Apr 9, 2019 22:37:03 GMT -5
TheWatcher: After my Grandfather died, I needed cash bad so I sold the whole set. I'm glad I kept Lindsey as I can still do a color chain with her. Apr 9, 2019 22:35:25 GMT -5