Topps announces 2013 Chrome OS1 Set


G.I. JASON: people see ebay sales and get jaded, there's only a small bit of gpk stuff that goes for really high dollars. os1 and then the newer chase stuff Oct 19, 2014 21:36:00 GMT -5
G.I. JASON: yeah i mean i felt good to get 200 for what i did, they were all spares, and none would make full sets. Oct 19, 2014 21:35:34 GMT -5
gpkseller: ok, i gotcha.. thanks for the input. i won't take up any more of your time. Have a nice night. ok, just got your last post.. yeah, was thinking if i can make $25-$50 for an hours worth of time, it may be worth it... other than that.. nahhh Oct 19, 2014 21:32:33 GMT -5
G.I. JASON: if you don't wanna fool with getting cents....toss them out. i just sold 5000 cards for 200bux. you won't retire off of them Oct 19, 2014 21:31:28 GMT -5
G.I. JASON: ur not gonna get a lot for them, no matter what Oct 19, 2014 21:30:58 GMT -5
G.I. JASON: i was saying list em all in one big lot Oct 19, 2014 21:30:45 GMT -5
gpkseller: whoa whoa, whoa... meant 15 cents Oct 19, 2014 21:30:36 GMT -5
gpkseller: well... if most of them are worth $15... that's not worth the price of a stamp... doesn't seem worth it to sell individual...., right? Oct 19, 2014 21:30:19 GMT -5
gpkseller: ur talking ebay, and mail them out one by one? fogedaboudit! Oct 19, 2014 21:28:43 GMT -5
G.I. JASON: if you were gonna throw them out, whatever you'd get on ebay will be bonus money. Oct 19, 2014 21:26:19 GMT -5
G.I. JASON: list them up at a penny starting bid and let em fly Oct 19, 2014 21:26:07 GMT -5
gpkseller: None of these have enough value to ship separately, but if i listed what i had and the condition, and took some pics of selected cards, do people ever buy in bulk? Basically, I'm either going to sell the lot for $25+ or through them out. Oct 19, 2014 21:23:15 GMT -5
gpkseller: Thanks GI! based on a website i saw... 2nd series are worth about $1 a piece if mint, mine are probably Very Good to Excellent. I have 34 of those, then ~ 50 series 3, ~125 series 4 and ~ 100 series 5. later series are probably near mint condition. Oct 19, 2014 21:21:49 GMT -5
G.I. JASON: honestly. try to get pix of the 2nd series.....but they won't go for a ton i wouldnt think unless the majority of the 200 are os2. it may not be worth your time if all your looking is money with little to no time spent on moving them Oct 19, 2014 19:06:59 GMT -5
gpkseller: Looking for quick advice.. have ~200 GPK cards, original series 2-6... want to get something for them without spending a ton of time photo'ing and posting to ebay or anything... any suggestion on how to market/sell them? Oct 19, 2014 19:03:37 GMT -5
G.I. JASON: . Oct 19, 2014 18:28:19 GMT -5
G.I. JASON: but a lot of toy lines are like that Oct 19, 2014 17:03:26 GMT -5
G.I. JASON: yeah it's an obscure toy line...not popular really Oct 19, 2014 16:56:38 GMT -5
acorn: yeah they look cool. I have never heard of them before Oct 19, 2014 16:55:03 GMT -5
G.I. JASON: but i'm ridding myself of clutter Oct 19, 2014 16:54:13 GMT -5