Topps announces 2013 Chrome OS1 Set


G.I. JASON: so i had to go in and configure everything then pw protect it Aug 1, 2014 1:29:17 GMT -5
G.I. JASON: then they highjacked my router password and fault for leaving it unpassword protected in the first place Aug 1, 2014 1:29:01 GMT -5
G.I. JASON: somebody was stealing my net Aug 1, 2014 1:28:39 GMT -5
G.I. JASON: i'm back Aug 1, 2014 1:28:34 GMT -5
Nocturnus: Did you notice the price on the reaction figs at VS? Aug 1, 2014 0:37:40 GMT -5
Nocturnus: I want to get the playset again. I'm hoping the vintage stock on 135th and antioch has aliens toys. They have a good toy selection out there Aug 1, 2014 0:33:55 GMT -5
Nocturnus: I have the giant queen but threw the playset away several years ago. Whoops Aug 1, 2014 0:32:57 GMT -5
evileddie: For sure. The Alien Queen set was always one of my favorites. Aug 1, 2014 0:31:57 GMT -5
Nocturnus: If I could get the Mcfarlane toys for cheap I would pick them up. I prefer the loose figures. I think they display better that way Aug 1, 2014 0:27:17 GMT -5
Nocturnus: Yeah, just the stuff from the 90's Aug 1, 2014 0:26:11 GMT -5
evileddie: I used to have all of the Alien Kubrick's too. I miss my Kubrick collection. It was massive. Aug 1, 2014 0:24:37 GMT -5
evileddie: McFarlane made some really nice Alien stuff. Aug 1, 2014 0:23:06 GMT -5
evileddie: Are you mainly looking for vintage stuff? Aug 1, 2014 0:22:50 GMT -5
Nocturnus: I was gonna hit the one in Belton, 135th street and maybe the one in lee's summit before I go to work. I'm looking to see if they have any loose aliens figs Aug 1, 2014 0:19:38 GMT -5
evileddie: I think Liberty & Independence had them. I don't think Zona Rosa did. Aug 1, 2014 0:17:40 GMT -5
Nocturnus: Oh cool, I didn't realize VS had them. I was planning on doing a VS run tomorrow anyway Aug 1, 2014 0:16:37 GMT -5
evileddie: I thought it was cool Super 7 was the driving force behind them. I used to be big into Japanese vinyl figures & Super 7 was one of my main sources for stuff. Aug 1, 2014 0:15:37 GMT -5
evileddie: I've noticed some Vintage Stock's have them around here. Aug 1, 2014 0:14:22 GMT -5
Nocturnus: I have. I am probably gonna get the alien fig at some point. I don't care for the marines Aug 1, 2014 0:12:35 GMT -5
Nocturnus: The vintage looking ones? Aug 1, 2014 0:12:08 GMT -5